Your Privacy


Discretion is a core operating principle at Greenway Family Office. There is no greater responsibility for us than safeguarding your confidential information. Whether it is hard copy documents or the online transfer of information, you can be assured that we consider your data confidential and private. We employ the highest standards in the industry to ensure your information remains secure and confidential and adhere to the highest standards in their safekeeping and use.

We require that client selected non-affiliated organizations and service providers who receive confidential and private information to adhere to our privacy standards. They are contractually bound to keep the information provided confidential and may only use it as requested. Our website uses security technologies like personal identification numbers, passwords, encryption, and firewalls which we maintain in accordance with current business practices. In order to protect your personal and financial information, we maintain procedural, physical, and electronic safeguards, as well as restrict access. Only authorized Greenway Family Office associates who have a need for these records, such as those who perform oversight or other supporting functions, are allowed to access your information. We adhere to these standards for all accounts—even those that may be closed or moved elsewhere.

Although we take extraordinary measures to safeguard your information, it is important to remember that regular Internet email is not secure; therefore, we strongly advise that you never send sensitive personal information or company data via unsecured email.


Information Collected and How It Is Used


From time to time, we may collect navigational information about visitors to our site, such as the pages visited and/or the average time spent on a particular page, in order to improve user experience. Additional technical information concerning your computer browser type, IP address, and/or other information may also be collected and may be used to alert you of any possible software compatibility issues.

Personal data is also collected on applications, forms, and emails which we will use to deliver the services you have requested. This information may be used as we process transactions in your account, respond to product applications and questions, and/or to fulfill regulatory requirements.

We do not disclose the non-public personal information of our clients, or our former clients, to anyone except as permitted by law. This includes, but is not limited to, disclosure of information to non affiliated third parties such as service providers, trust companies, securities firms, or others with whom we have contracted to provide account-related services, data processing, order execution and/or other services that enable us to engage in business with you.

Beyond this, we will not release your information unless one of the following conditions is met: we believe the recipient to be you or your authorized representative, we are required by law to release the information, or we receive your written consent.