Wealth Comes In Many Forms


Greenway’s clients are busy, expect immediate attention, have multi-faceted interests and assets, embrace professional collaboration, demand confidentiality, value open and strong relationships, and expect their advisory team to be highly skilled, creative advocates.

Private Business Owners


Whether you have experienced the short track or long journey to success, you arrived. Now what? Navigating the straits between where you are and where you want to be can be a perilous journey, but it has the best chance of success when you travel with others who are as committed to a successful voyage as you are. Financial independence planning and strategies are the starting point for the Greenway team. Assessing your asset mix, tax circumstances, succession plan, potential sale options and retirement funding are all issues on the table to be addressed.

Corporate Executives


Like a business owner, executives have invested their time and talent into growing a profitable business. And, like business owners, the value of their accumulated assets can vary depending upon the economic winds of change that continually blow. Taking the time to work with our team to “rehearse the future” with multiple scenarios, create an exit and diversification strategy affords you the opportunity to maximize your planning opportunities, providing peace of mind and the highest likelihood of a smooth transition.

Multi Generational Wealth


Whether newly experiencing a sudden financial windfall or inheritance, or being a 3rd generation member of a legacy high net worth family, our team at Greenway has the knowledge, experience and track record to identify and serve your greatest needs. Our process and perspective allow you to have a comprehensive picture of all of your holdings, an understanding of how entities are designed, the optimal asset structure and prioritized access for various trusts, providing peace of mind and the assurance that no area is being overlooked.

Foundations & Non Profit Organizations


Oftentimes our clients sit on the board of a corporate foundation, or national non profit organization, or they have created a family foundation, endowment or other charitable entity funded to further the family’s interests in social or economic issues. Greenway can play an important part in the life of such an entity, providing guidance and support to the family on a variety of matters ranging from choice of entity to investment and administration details.

Single Family Office Support


We have more than 20 years of perspective and experience working with families which can be leveraged whether you are creating a new family office, or looking to enhance or separate from an existing family office. From strategic planning to back office support services, we provide a process for efficiently and effectively serving families. We can also sit on family councils, advisory boards and support individual trustees.