Our Approach:


We embrace the concept of professional collaboration. This allows us to develop the most optimal plans and produce positive results. We’ll provide you with creative and objective advice on an array of subjects tailored to your specific situation.

Family Governance

We have learned through experience how to securely preserve strong family relationships while ensuring each family member’s individual security and stability.

Business & Transaction Planning

Because we focus on your private assets as well as your liquid, we perform a variety of integrated services which likely have not previously been addressed to enhance your closely held interests.

Financial & Investment Management

We provide a highly skilled and tested perspective and approach to managing your sophisticated portfolio. When desired and appropriate, we will work with your existing investment managers to provide consolidated, coordinated, oversight and management.

Household Management, Concierge Services & Special Projects

We understand that protecting your family is important to you, and because we offer services that help your family from a rooted level, you’ll be able to address your wealth management from a place of comfort and contentment.

Single Point of Contact


The average financially successful family has over 20 different service providers. At some point the number of advisors, bankers, brokers and other professionals reaches critical mass, requiring its own professional management team.

Greenway serves that function, providing clear direction, coordinating communication, planning and executing with your entire team.