Financial & Investment Management


We create a comprehensive plan for each family, incorporating traditional investments, as well as private, direct and business assets.

Our Investment Philosophy & Process

Greenway’s Investment Philosophy is geared toward the taxable investor, avoids style box managers, and blends the best of passive and active approaches. We firmly embrace the evaluation of tax outcomes into each recommendation that we make.  We pay attention to “what you keep”; find ways to minimize risk; and carefully watch “the fine print.”

We approach investing from the position of a fiduciary. We put our clients’ interest in front of our own. We provide comprehensive oversight, due diligence, guidance and recommendations and will partner with your existing investment managers and custodians.

Investment & Tax Management

Greenway takes an institutional approach to investment policy, crafting a comprehensive plan for the overall direction of your portfolio. The Investment Policy Statement governs investment activity, providing a blueprint for your investment team as they evaluate your current circumstance, identify opportunities, and establish benchmarks for performance reporting.

Investment Policy Construction

  • Asset Allocation Policy: Managing Risk/Return Levels
  • Current Fee Analysis: Embedded and Market Value
  • Liquidity Planning: Forecasting and Requirements
  • Due Diligence Standards
  • Manager Selection: Your Outsourced Chief Investment Officer
  • Portfolio Construction: Tax-Efficient Enhancements
  • Multi-Manager/Multi-Advisor Oversight: Focused, Monitored, Measured
  • Performance Measurement: Real-time, Aggregated, Analysis

Tax Efficient Strategies to Complement Your Goals

  • Income: Coordinating strategies to cover multiple income sources, types and rates, maximize income and minimize tax liability.
  • Estate: Utilizing both lifetime and testamentary options to minimize estate tax liability; maximize assets for surviving spouse; preserve and protect assets for future generations.
  • Multi-Jurisdictional: Advance planning for multi-country coordination; segregation of assets by taxing authority; coordination with other advisors for return preparation.

Multi-Generational Reporting | Confidential & Consolidated

Multi-Generational Reporting
& Confidential and Consolidated

  • Multi-Manager / Multi-Custodian Roll Up Reporting
  • Fractional Interests In Entities and Trust Accounting By Beneficiary
  • Marketable Securities Valued Daily
  • Complete Balance Sheet Reporting Including Closely-Held Interests, Debt and Personal Assets
  • Secure Portal Created To Access Records

Debt Management | Optimizing Cash Flow

Cash Flow & Debt Management

  • Administer Appropriate Prorata Entity Distributions “From the right place, at the right time, in the right amount”
  • Preparing Forecasts
  • Reconciling Sources and Uses Of Cash
  • Helping To Create Monthly Budgets For Family Members
  • Aggregating and Evaluating Existing Loans
  • Analyze and Optmize Total Leverage and Debt Structure For Maximum After-Tax Benefits
  • Evaluate Market Approach For New Loans
  • Provide Appropriate Disclosures For Maximizing Family Privacy
  • Effectively Structure Debt Instruments To Carry Out Strategic Family Goals