We’ve Created Something Different Here

Greenway Family Office provides high-touch, high-level service, with best-in-class resources, tools and technology, investment policies that include both liquid and illiquid assets, and planning that looks forward to mitigate risks and seize opportunities.


Collaborating Partners

Greenway Family Office welcomes the involvement, and looks forward to the collaboration with, existing professional advisors. Our business model does not require the transfer of assets under management, severing of professional ties, or in any way usurping existing relationships. Rather, we seek to support existing relationships, provide coordinated communication and cohesive delivery of agreed upon strategies, projects and deliverables. We do not lend money, manage stock portfolios, draft legal documents or prepare tax returns. We do embrace the concept of “two heads are better than one,” and appreciate the opportunity to discuss methods, strategies and ideas for serving the families we mutually represent.


Single Family Office Advisory Services

We provide a range of services designed to provide professional, experienced advice and office structure guidance to help your personal family office create an efficient and effective business platform serving the needs of your family households.


Registered Investment Advisors and Investment Managers

Greenway Family Office welcomes you to submit your informational materials to us for review. If your platform appears to be a fit for our clients, we will submit it to our due diligence provider and be in contact with you to discuss your offering.