Clarity &


If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

-Lewis Caroll


Greenway Family Office follows a disciplined, systematic process to create strategic and tactical plans for each family member. The fundamental decisions made during this process provide a blueprint that shapes and guides decisions and recommendations as we move forward. We then summarize specific action plans and take responsibility for implementation.

An In-Depth,
Integrated Approach

  • Family Goals – Assist in identifying, documenting and communicating the family vision, values, purpose and legacy goals, for their financial, family and social capital.
  • Family Education – Assist in designing and delivering education across all generations to strengthen communication and relationships while providing a platform on which to make shared decisions.
  • Business Opportunities – Advise on optimal structure, funding and ownership of current and future operating businesses.
  • Financial Assets – Objective advice on a wide array of financial, tax and investment matters.

The Whole Balance Sheet –
Gaining Clear Perspective

  • We focus on the whole balance sheet – looking to optimize strengths, identify opportunities, limit risks, and lay a foundation for current and future success.
  • At the onset of a new engagement, Greenway will prepare a benchmark assessment in up to 16 areas to highlight potential risks, opportunities and create a detailed service plan for your family.

Liquid and Illiquid Assets –
Concentrations, Monetization, Risk Management

  • The vast majority of families create significant wealth in a concentrated fashion – through closely held business interests, inherited concentrated stock positions, appreciated real estate holdings; other legacy assets held in trust, or positions that hold great market value but produce a relatively small amount of income. Effectively planning without taking these assets into consideration is futile.
  • We make it a point to work with privately held or illiquid positions in a family portfolio. We seek to maximize the value from those holdings; identify and minimize risks associated with them; and facilitate a thoughtful plan for exit/succession strategies that will create the most financial benefit and sustain family harmony.

Risk Analysis & Management –
Proactive Identification & Mitigation

  • Risk presents itself in many forms: concentration in a particular stock or industry sector; market; interest rate; tax rate; liability; security and privacy, etc. By using an integrated approach to asset review and risk identification, potential risks can be identified and mitigated, reducing worries and concerns for the future safety and well being of family members.